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Worms have so much to teach us about composting. 

Check out these links to get inspired:

1) worm farm in action

2) how to build a worm farm 

3) order 500 pets NOW! 

Start A Worm Farm

I don't know about you, but for most of my life- I didn't understand the carbon cycle.

Earth is  filled with all kinds of cycles that work a bit like magic. There are some important steps that we humans need to start taking to let these cycles do their thing without interruption- so that they can continue to take care of us all. 

Check out these links for ways you can learn:

1) Goofy 3 minute explanation.

2) Read a great book about cycles. 

3) Watch an awesome movie 


Hands in the Soil
Learn About Soil Health

If you are lucky enough to live in PA, check out Rodale  Institute as they are leading the way in regenerative agriculture! 

You can also listen to an interview with their CCO in one of the most inspiring podcasts I have ever heard. 

RobCast- Saving The Soil And Ourselves 

Family Farming
Visit A Farm
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