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The Magical Mythical Bees. Signed by author Tassia Schreiner.


Please let me know if you would like it personalized when I sign the book! - Tassia


Why would we read a book backwards? What can imagining the future teach us about today? What if you can change the world, one flower at a time?


Come on a beautiful adventure and get inspired to make sure that the magical bees never become a myth!


This book was hand drawn and painting on up-cycled paper bags. The book is read backwards, opening from left to right. The ending invites the reader to be part of the beginning of a movement to plant pollinator refuge gardens. This book is meant to inspire and empower empower your children to “bee the change” that we all wish to see in the world. 


+++ If interested in bulk quantities, please send us a message! +++

The Magical Mythical Bees - Signed by Author