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Sunny.  Signed by author Tassia Schreiner.


Follow the journey of a seed as it grows to be a beautiful sunflower and then dies back to the soil. Sunny is a celebration of the life cycle of a sunflower as it relates to our human experience. Sunny celebrates growth mindset and the spiritual nature and connectedness of all living things. This story hopes to be a celebratory gift for child birth, inspiration for teens, comfort for those who are facing death, and comfort for those who are grieving. Sunny celebrates life in all of its spiraling light and shadow. I hope that Sunny will inspire you to live with peace, passion, and gratitude for all that we have been given. Through following the life of a Sunflower and it's relationship to soil- Sunny is also a call to soil conservation, composting, and cultivating a brighter future.


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Sunny - Signed by Author

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