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My Houseplants Whisper Wisdom. Signed by author Tassia Schreiner.


Please let me know if you would like it personalized when I sign the book! - Tassia


Welcome to the Plant Party! Have you ever wondered if your houseplants are talking to you? Maybe they are. This book is the perfect gift for the Plant Lady in your life! If you are looking to put a smile on the face of your plant enthusiast, that was my intention in creating this book. 2020 was a really hard year and houseplants helped many people get through it. This book is a sweet ode to houseplants and the comfort, joy, and wisdom that they share with us. The pages are filled with plant puns, words of encouragement, and artwork to bring your houseplants and imagination to life. All of your best friends are here: Pothos, Monstera, ZZ plant, Pilea, Cactus, Jade, Philodendron, Calathea, Ferns, Hoya plant, Snake plant, String of Pearls plant, Air Plant, and Succulents of course! Give a gift of encouragement to the houseplant lover in your life!


+++ If interested in bulk quantities, please send us a message! +++

My Houseplants Whisper Wisdom - Signed by Author

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