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I have been writing and illustrating stories ever since I was a little girl. In the hardest parts of my life, my art was a safe place for me to escape. In these moments I realized that art has the power to transform our thoughts & emotions. Once I started sharing my stories and pictures I realized that art has the power to help do this for other people too- and not only that, but art can help good ideas grow!



I studied Illustration at The University Of The Arts. I left college and went overseas to learn from people in a remote village in East Timor while helping them hold out hope after a terrible war that had happened there. I got to paint with children in the jungle and help them envision the future of their village. 

10 years ago I published my first children's book, The ABC's Of Ocean City about one of my favorite places on earth. Though I put my wiring career on hold after that, the book has sold over nearly 2,000 copies. The last 10 years I have dedicated to raising my children. Along the way I have been working on 3 amazing new books with each of them that we cannot wait to share with you all! 

In December of 2020 we will be releasing

"The Magical Mythical Honeybee".

You can pre-order this book here...

and have a signed copy just in time for Christmas! 

I am so happy that you are joining us here at the Creative Kindness Coalition.


Creativity and kindness have been two of the most powerful influences in my life. I believe that they can be in yours too. I also believe that through them- together we can change the world! 

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