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Save the


one flower at a time!

Plant. Grow. Share Photos. Rally the movement. Bee the change.

Bee on a Daisy


A billion blooms.jpg

You can change the world...

one flower at a time! 

Join the movement to plant a pollinator refuge garden in your own backyard! 

It's an easy, fun, and beautiful way to help save the bees!

 Plant. Grow. 


Look up what flowers are native to your area. Zinnias & Sunflowers are a good annual to start with in the North East. 

Buy non GMO seeds.


Find a sunny spot in your yard that you can dedicate to growing a refuge garden for the bees. 

This area can not be sprayed or near grass that is treated with chemicals. 


Prepare your plot to plant. You may want to add organic potting soil or mushroom soil from your local farmer to help nourish your seeds.


Read directions on how to plant your seeds. 

Plant your seeds and have fun! 

With each seed that you plant dream about the flower that it will become.


Have someone take a picture of you as you plant or of your garden after. 

Post this photo to instagram and Fb and make sure to tag it 

#abillionblooms @creativekindnesscoalition

Keep adding photos with this tag as you tend to your flowers and watch them grow!  Watch for bees and butterflies to come and enjoy your flowers and photograph them too! Keep sharing photos with the tag #abillionblooms @creativekindnesscoalition ! This tag and handle will add your photos to the project and nominate you to win fun prizes!


Become A Billion Blooms Ambassador! Tell your friends, neighbors, & school about the movement to save the bees and rally them to join in the planting!

Keep sharing photos too!


Try to count your flowers as they bloom. Estimating is great too! 

Add your count to the total as we work together to grow a billion blooms to help save the bees! 

Keep adding photos being sure to tag them #abillionblooms @creativekindnesscoalition and enjoy the gallery of world changing fun that YOU are a part of! 

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